I’m it? Kso now I’m tagging you.

by Alicia on February 12, 2012

Well I’m dusting off my shoulders a little at being even mildly grouped in with the likes of this list of ladies over on The Lungos, thanks Amanda! And I’ll take your challenge…because I’ve never been known to turn down an invitation:)

The Rules

  1. Post these rules
  2. You must post 11 random things about yourself
  3. Answer the questions set for you in the post you were tagged in
  4. Create 11 new questions for your tagees to answer
  5. Tag them on Twitter, Facebook or your blog

So, since I’m 12 and can’t resist the feeling of the high school semi-formal that all this tagging and “your turn” brings…I give you…

Eleven Random Facts about Alicia:

  1.  I once had a boyfriend who would pull my toes to hear the knuckles snap. Now the sound freaks me out.
  2. I have an intense fear of drowning. So much so that I virtually refused to bathe any of my newborns.
  3. I have the worst bridesmaid karma ever. I have stood in three weddings, one of which was my own. The other two have ended in divorce.
  4. When I dreamt of having kids, I always had all boys. Now that idea scares the living shit out of me.
  5. Betcha didn’t know that a rapidly retracting tape measure can cut your finger open so badly you’d need three stitches?! I did that.
  6. I would be wildly hated if half the people on my Facebook “unsubscribe” list knew they were on there.
  7. I screen all my phone calls. It is the very rare occasion when I will actually answer the phone, and if you leave a message I won’t check it for days. Tweet or email or text me, folks.
  8. I wear tank tops under 90% of my outfits because, when a gust of wind hits my bare back or stomach I won’t be able to get warm again for hours.
  9. I’m very scared of the popular girl that my daughter is turning into. I’m afraid I don’t know how to parent her properly so she doesn’t turn into a conceited snob. It’s honestly one of my biggest parenting fears.
  10. I figure skated for 15 years, not very well. And I will judge the hell out of every edge you glide on from now until kingdom come.
  11. One time, an older guy offered to buy me a car in exchange for me breaking up with my current boyfriend to date him. I declined. Then immediately regretted the decision. Dude. I could’ve had my own car.

The questions I was asked to answer:

  1. What is your favourite new blog/website of 2011? For the sake of not listing off 12 or 13 different blogs I’ve found fascinating this past year, I’m going to go safe & say– definitely Pinterest. I could get lost in that place for days and not be sad.
  2. PC or Mac? Why? PC…mostly because I didn’t know any better.
  3. What one word best describes you right now? Grace. It’s what I think I’m doing better at, what I always strive for & what I would love to teach my Ladies.
  4. Did you go to your Prom in high school? If so, tell me a little about it. I actually went to four Proms. My most exciting one was my OAC (grade 13, which no longer exists) year in which I made a mockery of some poor Prom Committee’s hard work and my best friend and I dressed like assholes (or, more accurately, like hookers with butterfly wings and pink camo cowboy hats…not kidding). It was awesome. I lived in a very small town, it was both easy and difficult to get noticed. You can tell, I always took the high road. Err…
  5. What one song causes you to sing along, out-loud in the car? Ahead By A Century- The Tragically Hip.
  6. Tell me about your dream vacation. Somewhere alone with Ryan. I picture a beach, some blue water, some white sand, many many mimosas, lots of deep fried appetizers, some lounging, some napping, some not-so-much-with-the-napping, a straw hat, maxi dress, local market, whole-body-laughter, hand holding and not a damn care in the world. Yes…yes, this. And soon.
  7. City mouse or country mouse? I’m now a city mouse, who was raised a country mouse and now longs to be an in-betweener mouse. I don’t want to move back to my tiny hometown of 3000, but I don’t want to be smack dab up against my neighbours in this big city anymore either.
  8. Who is your celebrity crush? George Clooney. Hands down. And Mila Kunis…c’mon, homegirl is hawt. It has recently come to my attention that I would have to fight my Mom off if we were to ever both come in contact with Mr. Clooney. I could probably take her.
  9. What is your least favourite household chore? Dusting. So I just don’t do it. I also hate to put away laundry. I will fold it all the live long day, place it in baskets…and then live out of those baskets for years to come. Ryan is thrilled about this, you can imagine.
  10. Pickles: dill or sweet? If you were holding me hostage and my only chance of escape was to eat a pickle, I’d choose a sweet one. Otherwise? ::shudder:: I hate me some pickles. Eww.
  11. What is your go-to quick dinner recipe or meal? It’s not really a meal, but my favourite go-to side that’s super quick & always delicious, though not child-appropriate is Beer Bread. This recipe here is my favourite & so simple.

YOU get a tag! YOU get a tag! YOU get a tag!:

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  10. Sarah at A Random Sampling // @sarahbartlett
  11. Erin at Miles + Ozzie // @thecorbettkid

I find you very interesting & your hair is pretty & you wear nice shoes. So I’d love to hear your answers to these questions:

  1.  Did you have an imaginary friend? What was his/her name?
  2. I’m interviewing you for your dream job- how do you get me to hire you?
  3. Is there a song that makes you want to cry every time you hear it?
  4. What is one personality trait of your partner’s that you wish you had?
  5. Go-to website for sure-fire hilarity?
  6. What’s your favourite childhood memory of a grandparent?
  7. You see a mom at the playground. She’s on her phone while her mouthy kid stuffs sand down his pants and smushes his chewed gum in her purse. What do you tweet about her?
  8. Describe a moment in the very recent past you wanted to give a self-high-five.
  9. How long does it take to get from your house to Windsor, Ontario?
  10. Do you remember what you wanted to name your kid when you were younger? Boy name and girl name.
  11. If you could only dip your vegetables in one thing for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

I really hope you’ll play along, but don’t feel obligated…but do, cause you smell nice and I want to be your best friend. And if I didn’t tag you & you feel so inclined- answer the questions in my comments. I’m mildly stalkerish and wildly interested in you. No, not you creepy-guy-in-his-Mom’s-basement-with-white-kneesocks-and-a-crusted-fudge-beard. Eww.

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