Surprise, y’all!

by Alicia on June 22, 2012

I did something sneaky yesterday.

Well, I’ve been doing something sneaky for about four weeks, really.

You see…I’m not at home right now. (easy, creepers. My husband still is. And so is Dexter. And sometimes so is my mom. Stalking is ill-advised if you value your balls and/or your life.) I jumped on a plane last night all sneaky-like to surprise THIS GIRL:

straight up lifted with love from here

That’s right, lovers! That loud boom you heard last night was the world imploding from the awesome that is Brandy & I in the same room at the same time finally!

(Also, I clearly wrote this before Friday because obviously I’m too busy with awesome to be updating my blog right now but I legit just wanted to brag about this.) A bunch of her amazing friends got together and bought her the most epic non-baby-shower gift ever: ME. They flew me down and the rest is…well, we’re making history. This surprise is the brainchild of Laura who is completely amazeballs and you need to follow her here and drool over this. Laura and I are in agreement on many things- one of which is that internet friends = in real life friends. Where you meet makes no difference, if bonds are meant to form they will & they are real.

But. In those special circumstances where you find someone so much like you that it’s pretty apparent Twitter was designed just so you two could meet? Then you must jump on a plane the first chance you get and show up at your Best Internet Friend Forever’s doorstep at 10pm and hope she doesn’t pee her pants. (No seriously.) I don’t quite know how to properly thank the group of women who put this incredible gift straight up in my lap having never met me. Wagon Wheels don’t seem nearly appropriate enough.

Safe to say as you’re reading this, my face probably hurts from the permasmile I’ve had since…oh a month ago when we started planning it. Prepare yourselves for the most massive North Carolina photo dump ever. If you’re on Instagram I apologize already…but since my Canadian cell phone plan options for international data coverage blow hard, you may be spared initially. Thanks to Ryan, to my parents, to Marcie, to Kevin & to everyone who knew about and kept my secret- I’m indebted.

Here’s hoping I’ve already been drinking Moonshine & eating grits & picking up on the ever-essential southern “y’all”. And here’s hoping they are all secretly ninjas charged with an elaborate scheme to kidnap me. Just kidding Ry!

Bye for now, Imma go snuggle me a Landon.

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