What have you done for me lately?

by Alicia on August 7, 2012

These last few weeks have been some of those mind-bending ones that are half up and half down and completely all-consuming. I find myself in the awkward position of wanting to protect the privacy of the family I married into in a time that they are struggling with an immense loss, and wanting to prove to my daughters that a man existed whom they should be proud they share genetics with. And then they came home, my Ladies, and man…it’s like I’m re-learning how to mother three kids again. Which sounds dumb and feels dumber and a little like failure.

It’s weird. Maelle is struggling with what looks like jealousy mixed with elation and disguised as some strange OCD tendencies to repeat herself precisely one bajillion times until you give her precisely the answer she’s looking for. She could not stop hugging her sisters when they came home, seems elated that they are still in her house every morning, talks to them all day long. Both girls seem taller, blonder, with more vocabulary. They are pushing boundaries, testing limits they recall from before their adventure. They learned a lot up north Annika can cast almost 25 feet from the boat. “I can take care of you in the woods, Mom.” -Annika, 4.5yrs old. (fact) Bella seems to have aged about 2 years. She came home with some more sass, which was… unnecessary. Though thankfully she seems to take her role as Oldest Sister slightly more seriously. She prefers time alone, but consents to letting her sisters pile into her bottom bunk.

Aaaaaanyway…it’s been hard to write. But not hard to live, which is nice. We’ve had a packed few weeks, on purpose. A way to get back to ourselves & what we are good at. It’s all coming back to me now- after a long weekend of having Ryan off all! three! days! we are settling in to Life With Ladies as it’s meant to be. Happy.

In the meantime- I’ve written a few things…because I just can’t possibly keep my mouth shut, even when I can:)

I was at Liberating Working Moms on Friday, talking about how some days I’m crap at my job, the mothering one, and how that’s ok.

Then Monday, a holiday for us, wheee!, I was over at my BiFFs place, Mannlymama talking about why I don’t have a single picture of me baking with the kids. 

Check me out, all over your internets! Taking over the world wide webs!

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