Alicia in Real Life

by Alicia on September 12, 2012

I have been absent. I apologize.

My grandfather is in the hospital.

My kids have both started school. Grade two is full of chatter, SK is full of rules.

I have extracurricular activities up the yin yang.

My iron is flat-lining.

My house is upended and a total disaster.

I’m lacking personal inspiration in my professional life.

My van does this weird chug thing when you start it.

Last night, my kids all yelled and raged at me before bed.

My space bar sticks.

There is an entire bag of untouched Kettle Corn still sitting on the counter.


For some reason, of all of these things- these tragic & #firstworldproblems- I am bothered the most by the Kettle Corn. We buy it every Sunday at the market. We eat it together almost in one sitting while we watch Big Brother. We couldn’t find the time to do that. We haven’t made the time at all. Sad and pathetic and sad.

This. Alicia in Real Life.

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