by Alicia on April 10, 2013

And now the post about a trip I took that, if you’re following me any-damn-where else you’re likely sick of hearing about and I don’t care because I will relive it every day of my life if I can. Sit back, it’s short(ish) and sweet and full of the fun. The adult kind…but not that adult kind, ya pervs.

The Thread.

These women. I am blessed to have many friends. I love them all differently and separately and together. But these women? The Thread? Oh they’re something to behold. We met…well, here. On the internet. Pro Tip: Refrain from telling the border guard that the reason you want to come into their country is so you can fly alone and meet up with three women…how long have I known them? Oh, not long…where did we meet? Oh, the internet. ::cue red flags & “oh hold up, what?!:: Perhaps I should print out this post for the future border guards I will meet with those astonished looks. And yes, there will be future.

We hatched this plan, I-don’t-even-know-how-long-ago, to meet up somewhere, alone and together and hang out somewhere other than a string of little blue boxes on our phones. Katherine’s extremely generous boss has an extremely gorgeous winter house in Arizona and offered it for Katherine to vacation in should she choose to. (So, we all love Kat’s job. Obviously.) Cue four plane tickets purchased, four collective iMessage “squee”s & just one idea of what we wanted to do with our time together: nothing.

If you came here looking for anything other than one storyline about a group of hottie women sitting around a backyard pool for 2 full days, you came to the wrong place. That’s almost literally all we did. A bit of shopping on Friday, a dinner out on Saturday. Other than that? Bathing suits & pools & booze & chatting & FaceTime & booze & chatting & OMG the laughing……that’s it. And it was PERFECT. We had no agenda other than spending time together. And how did we know we’d be able to do that? How did we know that, once we were all together it wouldn’t be awkward and painful and a struggle for 3 days? Because: we know each other. We are as much alike as we are different. We have discussed so much in our iMessage Thread that if one of us were to perish, one of the first things that gets deleted is The Thread because it’s the holy grail of truth bombs and confessionals.

Because if you wanted to see a place where The Mommy Wars do not exist? Come to the ZonaThread kitchen table. Sure, we share a lot of commonalities (working moms, young kids, equal partners in our husbands etc) but there are a host of differences in our upbringings and motivations, even parenting styles, that just aren’t issues. We see them, we acknowledge the way each woman does things a little differently & then we move on. There’s no judgement, there’s no shame, no comparing.

I love these women. I love our husbands for not only spectacularly holding down the forts for us while we got some downtime, but for each & every one of them separately asking “so when is the next one?” because they know it’s not an ‘if’. I love that it was as easy to sit in a room with them as it is to sit in my own room alone and type on my phone to them. I love that we can see the personality differences & appreciate how our four puzzle pieces fit together. I love that when I say sappy stuff like “I’m the luckiest for getting picked to belong to this amazing group of women” they’ll call me emotionally unstable while they nod and hug me and realize they feel the same.

Thank you, Internet. For ZonaThread. For the confidence to say yes to stuff like that. For the way you round out all the pieces I hold most dear. And thank you, Thread, for laughing at my jokes & for actually agreeing to disagree & for straight up agreeing & for admitting when you have no clue what to say but know I need something. Thank you Kat’s employers for a legitimately unbelievable backdrop to our indulgent weekend-long GNO.

Cheers, Thread. We rocked that motherfucker.

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