by Alicia on April 14, 2014


The girl is pure pull-my-hair-out hilarity and I love her. Maëlle’s little brain is unlike anything I’ve ever come across. Call  her third child, call her spunky, call her difficult, call her whatever you want cause here’s a newsflash: she gives zero fucks. And that? I love about her. It’s way difficult to raise her because she is so determined and can be utterly defiant, but I’m impressed by her resolve. Also? She’s hysterical. I have haphazardly started an #ohMaë hashtag on Twitter and Instagram and it’s a lukewarm hit. I present to you now, some Maëlle gems:

1) 04/10/2014, 7:38am, Mom & Maë in the Flex driving to school/work: Maë, trying to convince me the car was in fact driving itself, speaking veeerrryyy sloooowly to me (not unlike one would do to a foreigner…) “Mom, it’s ok, just slooooooowly take you hands off da wheel…just…try it…it’s ok.” I point out to her that there is a police car in front of us and if I take my hands off the wheel, we will crash into something and the policeman will take our car and how will we even get to school? She thinks on this for awhile. “What colour is da police car?” I answer that it’s white and has red, blue and black on it with a light on top. She thinks on this for awhile. A few minutes later: “Mom? If da police takes our nice grey new car, he will let us take his white and red and blue and black car and that’s ok because his car has a light and our car don’t hab a light and could we get a light?” #ohMaë

2) Maë’s daycare teachers gave each kid a book for the Raise a Reader campaign. I was told they chose the book “Olivia” especially for Maë “it reminds me so much of her”. At the end of the book there is a line which made the whole choice make total sense. #ohMaë

(It’s 4 minutes, but pure awesome IMHO)

 3) 03/27/2014, 7:48am, Mom & Maë in the Flex again on our way to school/work, discussing books: Maë was describing books she wanted to buy, all of them were books we already own. At one point she excitedly goes “OH! You know what book is my favourite favourite eber Mumma?” No little love, you tell me about your favourite ever book please. “Da one where dat baby hates dat watch so he frows it in da toilet and it’s gone foreber.” #ohMaë

book cover page of Love You Forever by Robert Munsch


“She’s mad but she’s magic. There’s no lie in her fire.”   – Charles Bukowski

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