How To Get Through an Anxiety Attack: a 10 year old’s guide

by Alicia on December 14, 2015

Bella, age 10My 10yr old daughter, Isabella, wrote this. She had to choose a procedural writing assignment topic, and this is what she chose. Bella has been dealing with anxiety for quite a while now, she has learned many tools from many people. She has good moments and bad moments and moments she can’t quite define. She’s learning just like we are, and she knows that this is something she’s going to have to deal with for a long time. So she’s taking it very seriously. 

*Mom note: I’m so damn proud of this kid. In bad moments, she struggles. And knows what she’s dealing with and she tries hard to define it with words she isn’t old enough to understand. She’s taking it to her classmates and friends, explaining in plain terms what it’s like. She’s not afraid, she’s not ashamed, she’s not scared of it. She’s brave and she’s introspective and she’s years ahead of her mental self. I asked her if I could post this on my blog, and I had her write it out for me. 


How to get through an anxiety attack

By: Bella Higgison




-Colouring book

-Coloured pencils

-Quiet space

-You or someone

-A friend

-A book



Have you ever felt scared, anxious, nervous or dizzy? Well I can help you. Listen to these steps to help you. Help they work!

First, get a friend and start to breathe deeply. Keep breathing until your heart rate goes to a normal rate. After you can start to talk to your friend about why you are anxious, nervous, scared or dizzy so that way they can also help.

 Then, start to find a colouring book and coloured pencils. When you have found them find a reading book. Then look for a quiet space to work in.

Next, start to colour in all of the pages with you friend to lighten up a bit so now you are calmed down. It really works. Trust me, I’ve tried it before.

Now, get the book and read with your friend. It will calm you down even more and you will feel better.

Finally, just talk to them and they can help. Then just say thank you to them to help to be nice.

– Bella

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