Listen To Your Mother: I’m in the 2016 Metro Detroit cast (!)

by Alicia on March 16, 2016

Higgy in DetroitHere’s why I wanted to do Listen To Your Mother: because I love story telling. It fills my aching soul with incomparable beauty.

People are fascinating. Their stories, even ones I cannot readily find myself in, touch me in deep ways. I’m oddly not fond of reading, but have found that audio books really speak to me. (See what I did there?) The truth is, I need to hear the emotion in your voice or I don’t feel it right. That’s actually a pretty deeply personal thing about my every day life too, right there.

I have to write to know what I’m thinking. I have to hear you speak to know what you’re thinking.

So here, at Listen To Your Mother, I get it all. I get to write a piece of my story and really tell it the way I want you to hear it. I get to listen to other stories and take them in, wrap them in my own human experience and then carry them with me.

I am one of twelve story tellers, getting on stage at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit, MI on May 1st to tell my motherhood story. I am so excited. I am so flattered. I am so nervous. I am so honoured.

These women all have different stories to tell. They all approach the motherhood question from different angles, they each take a new piece out of the puzzle and study it a little more intensely. And by extension, I get to examine it a little more closely for myself. These are brave, inspiring people…and they are fiercely normal people you pass every single day on the street. How wonderful it is that Listen To Your Mother gives these women a microphone and a stage to speak their moments out loud, so we can take them in and figure out what, if anything, they mean to us. Because let’s be honest, I can be grateful for your sharing of your story, but when I hear it, I’m putting my own lens on it, I’m only able to pick out the pieces I identify with, and I’m inspired by what you put out that I have been missing in my own experience. There’s a unity in story telling that is hard to replicate anywhere else. Good story tellers make you feel things, good story tellers leave you just enough room to put yourself into their story, good story tellers pull you in and unlock things in you that will sometimes sweep you right up out of that room you’re in.




*We’d love to have you out to St. Andrews Hall on May 1st, 2016 to be a part of the experience. Tickets are on sale now.

(I get to be in a Thing for which I get to announce: tickets are on sale. And I get to stand where maybe Kurt Cobain stood, who even knows. YOU GUYS! How is this my life?!)


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