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Alicia is a witty storyteller, a political junkie, a craft beer drinking yogini, and an enthusiastic writer. She works in online education, and also writes freelance.

She’s the married mother of three lovely Ladies- Isabella, Annika and Maëlle. We live North of the Wall, in Canada, and our life probably looks like some version of yours, with maybe a little more blonde hair. We’re over here just ridin the hormone train, livin the dream.

The Ladies Higgy

You can find her aimlessly roaming the halls of the internet on

Twitter @aliciahiggison, and

Instagram @aliciahiggison.

Find out more about what she does for a living and for a life on about.me.

I really don’t do reviews or sponsored posts. I write what comes to me and sometimes that’s nothing for like months at a time (see: aforementioned hormone train).

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